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Hey. Been a while.

I recently received a handwritten note from my local dealership in Oklahoma, USA -- there're only 2 VW dealerships in the entire state to my knowledge. The note basically says that both dealerships and all local auctions are completely depleted of EOS's and they have customers on a waitlist for whenever an EOS pops up. I did some cursory research online and I really couldn't find anything similar to my situation since our EOS are discontinued. I think this is a unique case.

I really don't know what to think of this, and I wanted some second opinions and thoughts on why they would be asking for this, or is my deduction correct?

If I owned some basic mainstream shit like a Toyota Camry or something and I got this letter it would've been an obvious ploy to come get me to buy a new car, but I think this may have some legitimacy due to the EOS line being discontinued.

What do yall think?

I also bought a bunch of different tools, and I'm hoping to start maintaining my car and my gf's car without needing to rely on a dealership for small maintenance stuff. I want to learn, and I've been watching quite a few content creators on yt. I'd like any suggestions and any EOS specific suggestions. I also bought a bottle of Krytox, going to help those roof seals, been almost 2yrs ownership without touching them sadly. Will fix that shortly.
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