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Dealership Recommendation

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I have not had a good experiences at Fletcher Jones and don't know a single person who has. It is unfortunate they are so convenient but so lousy. I live in the city but am willing to drive to a good, honest, fair VW service department. Who's your best?
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I take mine to Jennings in Glenview. I also bought it there. I don't know if they are the best but so far have fixed most of my car's ills. The thing I like is that the Metra stops right behind the dealership and is 4 blocks from my house. They are not the cheapest place to have any non warranty work done and anything you buy there can be bought cheaper elsewhere. I would have considered Fletcher-Jones except the salesman we met there didn't seem to care about whether we bought there or not. So we didn't.
Good dealer experience

I just bought my EOS (an '07 manager's model) from The Autobarn in Countryside. My salesman, Anthony, was great; a no b.s. very helpful guy. I knew I wanted one so I called on the phone and dealt with him. When I arrived at the dealer with my trade in ('04 Honda S2000) there was absolutely none of the unpleasant surprises that you hear about under similar circumstances.

Since I work in Evanston, I have it serviced at the Autobarn there and they are also great to deal with. So I can give a strong positive recommendation to this dealership. They seem to understand how to treat their customers at both of the stores I've dealt with thus far.
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