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Delays to the UK

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Just seen this on the web site of my lease company:

Volkswagen are experiencing some shipping delays due to falling numbers and boats are waiting to be filled before departing for the UK. Production is also slowing down due to falling demand at the present time.​

I've got a build date of the 16th March and a supposed delivery date of the 18th April. I suspect I may be dissapointed.

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I wonder why VW persist in shipping their cars to the UK by sea instead of using rail car carriers through the "Chunnel".

Perhaps there is some "cross-subsidisation" of long-haul shipping costs by the short delivery voyages.
Many reasons but probably price is the main one. Also they have huge storage/distribution areas in Grimsby and Sheerness which are probably not available near the Chunnel ports.

Mind you, VW are caught up in this back-dated Port Business Rates fiasco (our Government are charging port companies huge Business Rates going back to 01/04/2005 but that they omitted to tell us we were going to be charged until 2008!! I have a bill for over £0.25 million I didn't know was coming and have not been given the opportunity to build in to charges to my customers over the 4 years since 05) and have a bill for nearly £3 million they were not expecting. They have joined our Port User Group and are threatening to relocate their distribution centres to the Continent and make everyone at their UK depots redundant. Another brilliant UK Government initiative...

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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