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Dent Doctor

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Came out of the supermarket last Tuesday and noticed that some inconsiderate pig had left his calling card in my drivers door, To say I was not a happy bunny is an underrated statement, I don't usually swear but I now owe the local swear box a few notes.

Anyway this dent, although not all that big (about 20mm in dia) was really bugging me so hubby suggested we look on the web to see if there was a Dent Doctor in our area, and lo and behold there is one just 4 miles down the road in Enderby. So rang them up this morning and he said bring the car straight over and he will have a look.
Well I was very nervous and tried to talk the other half out of going as I was really concerned that it would only make maters worse.

Still we arrived at just before 11:00-am and by 11:15 the door was a good as new and I swear you would never know there had ever been a dent in the door, this man is now my ultimate hero.

No stripping the door furniture down, only a bent piece of rod shoved down the window opening and a lot of skill.

Cost £40 quid.

The guy is certainly on my Christmas card list

I'm now a very Happy Bunny again.:D :D
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Believe it or not, but any business that supplies parking facilities for patrons have a duty and responsible for ensuring that the area being provided is fit for purpose. Erecting a sign which states that vehicles are left at the owners own risk does not hold any water in a court of law, and the land owners still have responsibility to the users as long as there is evidence to support any complaint.

Now wouldn't it be great if all of us car owners who have had their cars damaged due to having to use parking spaces that were too small to ensure their safe keeping, sent in multiple claims. do you think they would get the message, in reality I think not, but it would at least allow us to let off steam.:mad: :mad:

Believe it or not there is a UK 'standard' width laid down in law for parking spaces! And it hasn't been changed since it was introduced in the 1950s even though cars have grown so much. Believe it's about 1.8 metres, which is narrower than many cars, esp 4x4s!
So as long as Sainsbury's (or whoever the car park belongs to) have followed this width then no-one would get anywhere trying to prove in law that they hadn't carried out their statutory duty of care. Sorry!

Revenge is sweet I suppose, but if you get caught the police are going to bust you worse than the person who caused your rage. Best to get whatever info you can and turn it in to the authorities if you can. I usually let my insurance company go after the person, after all that it part of what I pay them for.

Trouble is, the authorities really aren't interested. They're FAR too busy catching people doing 31 mph in a 30 limit (NOT those doing 50/60 mind - they never seem to get caught)! No wonder people take the law into their own hands. It's the innocent who get all the hassle over here.

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