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Diesel in the US

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Unfortunately I live in Buffalo NY and am unable to purchase an Eos with the 2.0 Diesel engine in it.

As I understand it the drive-trains on these vehicles meet the US DOT emission requirements and are only unavailable based on a "marketing" decision. I was told by my dealer that the diesel will never be considered sports cars in the US market.

I am exploring what hoops I need to jump through to import a diesel Eos to the US.

Anyone out there have any information that could help? My dealer and VW USA don't seem at all interested in figuring this out.

Thanks all!

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Is it really worth all that hassle to save maximum a few hundred dollars over the life of the car with you?


Thanks for the info! A lot of stuff there.

NEH - no prob not worth it. I do make my own bio-diesel so the cost would be a little more bearable. Even still.

But now I wonder if it is possible to have VW special order a diesel engine in a North American Eos. I know there are a few other differences besides gauges, like the bumper and spare tire.

Has anyone any experience with asking VW to do this?

In my experience getting VW to deviate even slightly from the specs/options list they officially offer is totally impossible. All ordering/building is computerised and they seem to have no facility for deviating even slightly.

I say this because when I ordered my car (on the first day that orders were taken in March 06!) they wouldn't let me order it with heated screen washer jets (even though there was a winter pack available which included them) because of some conflict in their system when you order leather seats with which you get seat heaters, which are also part of the winter pack which they said you couldn't order because you've already got heated seats with the leather..... All rubbish as we now know of course..

I tried everything possible including emails and letters to VW UK and VW in Germany pointing out how stupid this was (especially as for the Golf there was a separate price when ordering the winter pack and leather which took into account the fact you already have heated seats) and to get them to add this simple little thing to my order but without success. I just gave up in the end. So to get them to build you a car with an engine that's not officially available in your market would, I reckon, be a complete non-starter.

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A diesel SEAT won two rounds of the BTCC last weekend.
Yes, things do change.
Only 5 years ago, or probably only 2 years ago, a diesel-powered sports car would have been unthinkable.

But now Audi are bringing out a diesel R8 supercar, and they have already introduced a diesel TT.
A diesel Ferrari is now being talked about in some quarters!

The only thing I don't like about them is their lack of revability. I like to wring the engine out to its maximum and at 5000 rpm you're only just getting going in a petrol whilst you're at max revs in a diesel.

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