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Diesel or Petrol?

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I am very close to buying my Eos, but cannot decide between Diesel or Petrol, the petrol certainly has more zip, but the fi=uel economy of the diesel is attractive.

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I Purchased an EOS 08 TDI over the FSI when fuel prices were at their peak.
The cost of diesel was about the same as Premium Petrol. Maby 20 cents dearer than Regular ULP.
Now that fuel prices have eased off a bit I find that the cost of Diesel is over 30 cents dearer than Regular ULP.
I am sure that when I made my decision to go Diesel it was only 10 cents dearer than Regular ULP.
My fuel consumption adv is 6L/100K. with 4000K on the clock,
So Why Is It So? I hope the gap narrows as the the reason for going diesed was to save some running cost.
EOS 08 TDI, Icelandic Grey, 18" Chicago wheels, Leather Trim.
World diesel prices comparative to petrol[gas for our US members] are higher than normal due to demand for power generation and transport in India and China which consumes large volumes of this product. Thanks to the lack of new refinery construction in recent years, world production has not kept up with demand and spot market prices have increased accordingly as reflected in current pump prices.

Once additional refineries under construction in these countries come "on stream", I hope the price differential will show a substantial reduction although I do not expect it to come back to parity.
I fueled up Yesterday with Diesel and to my surprise the price was only 2cents (AUS)higher than regular unleaded.
I have now clocked up 7000K's of untroubled driving over 5 months. The MFD indicates that my adverage fuel consumption is 6.4L/100K. Mostly H'way cruising at between 2000 and 2300 rpm.
I am happy that I had chosen a Diesel but I do miss the extra revs from the petrol motor.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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