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Disabled hand controls

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I have a disability that requires me to have hand controls to operate the brake and throttle. For the past eight new cars I was able to have these controls hand made to fit my cars my last being a mark IV golf. Unfortunately this company no longer exists and I am told that the hand controls come in kit form. The dealer told me that none of the three suppliers of kits made one for the Eos and they had no plans to make any.

Has anyone out there with an Eos automatic had these controls fitted or know where I can get them made, I live in Kent in the UK.
I had been offered an Eos sport 2.0 TDI DSG with extras making a total of some £28500 for the r4duce one of price of £24700.
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Hi johninbridge, i'm not in the uk so i'd really wouldn't know about anything in your area, i'm posting you this message, because if you really like to have an eos, according to some informations in the press, (like this one: ) the plant makes special vehicles for disabled drivers. I don´t know if they are made imediatly on build or if there are any kits that could be installed later on.
Probably your dealer wouldn't know about this, but depending on the money you would want to spend maybe it would be an option.

Check out the plant's website in and you will find an e-mail adress in "Public Relations", "Contact Us".

I'm pretty sure that they can tell if there is some kit available or not, and even if your vw dealer is not aware of it, if it exists, maybe you can point them with your answer from the plant.
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