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2007 VW EOS 2.0TDI
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Hello!, Haven't seen anything about anyone adding lightbars or other external lights on this forum, decided I would write a quick post in case anyone needs some assistance.

I have recently added a 15" number plate lightbar from Adventure Kings Australia. I used the "Plug n' play wiring harness" from this company too. The lightbar came pre assembled with female deutsch plug fittings on the end. The harness also arrived with a few other preassembled components. The harness included: female deutsch plug connectors, relay, inline fuse, switch, terminals to connect to the battery and a few adaptors. I've found one issue which might affect the installation of DIY light fittings; the headlight wiring harness piggyback adaptor in the box was not suitable for my 2007 VW EOS. The plug n' play kit came with an H3 adaptor and another one which didn't suit my car. I worked around this issue by purchasing a VW Amarok adaptor from another 4x4 parts website, which fit perfectly on my EOS. The headlight harness had a model number "1J0973735", which I've researched and is the same as an Amarok headlight harness plug. This made it easy to find the piggyback adaptor to wire to the lightbar harness. The headlight harness piggyback adaptor allows all the functions of the lights to work fine and only sends the high beam signal to the lightbar harness when the high beam signal is activated, then the lightbar can be turned on via the switch.
I purchased the piggyback adaptor from this site:VW Amarok piggyback adaptor

The install was quite simple and easy and it works great!
I hope this can help someone and save a lot of money taking your car to an auto electrician!
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