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I’ve installed this in a VW EOS but this basic set up can be done in virtually any car.

This is a very quick but convenient mod that will cost you about $20 (provided you have the basic tools to perform)

Parts needed:
- USB outlets

- Splice Connectors,160_&psc=1&refRID=4FDRRMEF4PDBSADFPC69

- Dewalt Drill Bit.

- Some simple wire.

Before you start.
When performing electrical mods it’s always a good idea to disconnect the battery while you work.

Step 1
Remove the cup holder tray from the back of arm rest.
There are 2 torx (T20, I believe) head screws that you’ll need to remove on opposite sides.
You’ll then need to pull the cupholder enclosure out. It’ may be a bit tricky but I found pulling up and out worked well.

Step 2

Now you’ll need to pull out the back part of the arm rest.
This is on there by pressure. I found that prying the side edges out a bit and pulling up on the piece from the hole where the cup holder was and pulling up and towards you worked. At first it took more pressure than I was comfortable with but once you get it out you’ll get the hang of it in case you need to in the future.

Step 3
Once that comes out the Cig lighter harness will be attached to that piece pull out the harness and we’re clear to work.

Step 4
We’re going to cut the hole for the new outlet. Find a good place for it. make sure you’ll have enough clearance when everything else get placed back. including the wires that will stick out.
In the EOS this position worked great and looks totally factory installed.
Drill the hole and slip in the outlet with the ring on the opposite side to tighten.

Step 5
We’re going to tap into the Cig Lighter Harness and basically going to replicate it for our outlet.
Important: The Live wire is the blue stripped wire. Ground is the brown wire.

Cut a piece of short wire and use the splice adapter to clamp it to the brown ground.
Do the same thing with the blue striped wire. Now clamp the T connectors that come with the USB adapter to the other end of the wire. Connect to the proper terminal (they are labelled + or -) and that should basically do it.

Step 6
Reconnect battery to test it out before putting everything back.
Revert steps to put armrest back together.

I have an older non bluetooth OEM head unit and wanted to add Bluetooth connectivity so I could listen to music. I used a bluetooth receiver that I connect to the AUX audio in the armrest and now I can have it charging in there keeping my console neat and without wires everywhere.

There you have it. A cheap, easy and convenient mod for the VW EOS.

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Thanks for the clear step-by-step instructions with photos! I just may give this one a try.

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I love this idea and may do it myself. I also might replace the 12V socket in the rear with another dual USB socket. Got two in my Amazon basket already.

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This looks like an excellent DIY! but alas the Photos are not working anymore..

Photobucket is a sh***ty hoster. (I always use Could you perhaps edit and/or re-upload the pictures again?
I would really like to follow your guide :cool:
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