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Do both of your flaps open at once?

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When the EOS roof opens or closes the action is started or ended by the two flaps that popup or close.
On my '08 EOS the left flap opens and closes after the right and is more jerky in its movement. Subjectively this disparity may be increasing.
Can others comment on their observations? Would you mention if it's an 07 or 08 version as this could be relevant.
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Thanks for the replies guys.
Currently it is just a minor thing. The roof otherwise operates fine. The difference between the flaps closing is about 0.5 seconds. Certainly noticeable, but not a problem.
I'll just watch for now unless it noticeably worsens, especially as I have the Smarttop roof mod installed :D (the flap disparity pre-dated the mod installation, so it's not related).
I'm going to have to change the mod when I'm sent an updated unit. I may remove it completely then if I want a dealer to have a look. I see you reasons for not suggesting a dealer get involved, there are several horror stories of them never working again.

My two rubber feet from the front wind break thing have also come off....
Simon, is that the bug catch thing on the top of the windscreen you are talking about?
Simon, I think you are pretty spot-on.
To clarify, as it may not have been clear to others. During opening of the roof process the last thing to happen is 2 flaps go down. The same 2 flaps raise at the start of the roof closing process. It is those flaps that are out of sequence (slightly)

You suggested it may be the wire. Here is a pic of the slower flap

When compared to the other side the wire does indeed look looser.

Here is the url to a short youtube video of the end of my roof opening to show the flaps slightly offset.
Note that the boot also goes down one side before the other, but only by a fraction of a second.

I can't see any easy way to slightly shorten the wire myself. It looks like a very local problem, not affecting, or likely to affect the rest of the roof.
I plan to leave it unless others suggest otherwise.

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I'll check the rubber seals, but as the flaps behaved this way from day one I doubt it is something related to seal repositioning when doing the mod.
I noted it in the showroom, but did not think to ask - duh!:rolleyes:

I will double check tomorrow in the light, as well as taking a further video as you suggested.
Here are 2 new videos, from the angle you suggested.

Opening sequence

Closing sequence
Thanks Simon, appreciate all your time and input.
I'll do what you suggest with the videos and email the links to VW.
Having looked at my own a lot more closely, mine seem to be like yours, although not quite as long a delay.....

My passenger side flap definately hits the deck a fraction of a second after the driver side one...

Mine is less pronounced than yours and I am going to ignore mine....
That's interesting. You know how my boot locks in on one side first (very slightly) just before the flaps drop? Does yours do that too?

Sorry to make you paranoid about your car ;) I know you're prone to that from reading your post about the painted bolts ;)
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