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Dodgy EOS - Watch out!

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Hi friends,

You may have been following my posts over the last six months about my eos individual with the leaky roof.

To cut a long story short - I had it back to the dealer 5 times in six months and in the end they admitted that there was nothing they could do and I ended up reluctantly having to change it for a scirocco. I also found out that the previous (and first) owner had the same issues and had to change it too.

The dealership admitted on the quiet that they were now unlikely to try and sell the car again themselves as it had cost them too much already and they didn't want any more hassle. It seems that this eos will be traded on and might appear anywhere in the country.

After a previous post I was asked if I would post the reg & VIN here to avoid anyone else ending up with this "lemon". I have now got the new reg details (private plate before!) so if you are considering an eos and see a bargain somewhere, check its not this one.

Black eos individual Sept 07 - Sat Nav & Luxury pack
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A responsible action on your part as far as I am concerned and hopefully it may save an unsuspecting buyer a lot of hassles. Unfortunately, this car may be responsible for many repetitions of the story about "the rotten eos I once owned" from future owners.

The usual dealer practice in my part of the world is to send the car to an auction for purchase by a second-hand car yard or by a private buyer outbidding the dealer to get a lower-priced second-hand car than they could buy from a car-yard.
Unfortunately, it's likely to be bought by someone who has no knowledge of this forum.
I will watch with eagerness to see if it ever pops up on this site again

As I advised in the other thread, having spent 35+ years in the motor industry mainly on the manufacturers side in customer services/relations, I had been invloved in supporting many a retailer in "buy backs". I can honestly say "hand on heart" that I never had a 2nd owner raise the same query/problem/complaint fro which the 1st registering retaielr had bought the vehicle back for.

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