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does eos roof rack exist?

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hi i just bought a new Eos, and i am wondering if anyone found a solution for traveling, like a roof rack or cargo carrier?
please i need suggestions..
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Trailer hitch etc dealer price £1,466 in UK

I wouldn't have thought so. I've never seen a roof rack for a convertible! VW will not want any extra weight on the roof which could lead to problems with the mechanism. Best bet would be a small trailer I think.
I'm collecting our new Eos tomorrow Monday 19th all being well. Asked before ordering about the list price of the trailer attachment bits & pieces, and was told £1,466 including fitting (the Price List is very incomplete on the item). Thanks but no thanks at that price. A small standard 5cwt trailer would add another say £300.

Anyone actually attached a trailer? Any non-VW setup found?

Non-VW Trailer hitches & trailers

I've looked at this area. My EOS won't be delivered for a few weeks yet but go to here, find your local dealer and give him a ring. I was quoted about £400 for a detachable towbar, fitting and the lower bumper section. Also, small trailers can vary a lot in price. I have a Caddy which seems to be good value for money.
Dobbo: Thank you. That's better, much better. I was just thinking ahead, with no immediate need and just to have a solution in mind in case.

Box to attach to tow-bar

Good one Dobbo.

See for a couple of rather large boxes that fit on the (VW official?) bicycle rack, itself needing the tow bar, but still apparently keeping clear of the boot lid upping-and-downing.

Look at the main brochure PDF. The range is known as Easybase. The attachment below shows the bigger solid box, the other is a soft fold-away type of thing.

Have enquired of one or two UK Thule dealers asking if they could arrange the complete job but so far no luck. Quite a few list the 2 boxes & apparatus.

(Sorry if I posted something simialar to this a day or two ago - can't find it in the forum).



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Dobbo - is the very neat hitch that you've found an official/unofficial VW one, ie just from a non-VW source, or from a separate manufacturer? do you think the Easybase and the Thule boxes would fit correctly?

My own preference would be to go for the soft canvassy folding Easybag, so that it could be stored somewhere more easily when not wanted on voyage.

Not clear whether the Easybase rack folds up vertically without removing from the hitch, if so then even if not removed (which Thule seem to confirm can be done quickly) it wouldn't be in the way. Not too clear how easy the Easybase is to remove altogether.

In Reader, Easybase is on page 17 of 64 of the Thule brochure PDF, by the way.

One issue could be the parking warning lights?

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