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DSG as Winter Mode

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With all the back and forth about winter, winter tires, and high torque in the Eos slipping the wheels on wet, snowy, or icy roads, I was thinking "Why not just start the DSG in 2nd or 3rd?" like many cars with "Winter Mode" buttons.

Curious that as much of an electronically controlled MANUAL transmission as the DSG is that I couldn't make it start in 2nd or 3rd. :confused:

Moving the lever over to manual mode certainly allows me to shift from 1st to 2nd quickly and at lower RPM than it might otherwise automatically do, but I can't be at a standstill and toggle up one or two notches and then drive off from 2nd or 3rd.

I wondered "Why?" and just wanted to confirm that others have the same experience.

Just as a side note, now that I've done the APR-93 tune, I definitely start out with a light foot; however the rest of the drive is nothing short of awesome!:)
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The VR6 with DSG has the W button for "winter mode" but the 2.0T engine equipped with DSG transmission Eos does not. There is a button that disables the traction control but I doubt that would help you much with your winter driving issues. It is more for helping you get unstuck AFTER you are stuck in sand or snow.

Your statement about using the paddle shifters to quickly force it out of 1st gear to 2nd and force a quicker shift to third is best you can do, since VW did not choose to provide a automatic winter mode for this version.

Personally, I have Samarkand 18" wheels with the Bridgestone All seasons, and they are very 'sticky' tires and I have no trouble with tire spin on wet roads. Eos is my "fun" car and I only drive my Ford Escape when it snows so I can't say how it does on snow.

I will say with DSG in Sport Mode and lead foot on gas I can make the tires spin when ever I want to even on dry streets. Part of the Eos fun factor! :D
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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