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DSG as Winter Mode

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With all the back and forth about winter, winter tires, and high torque in the Eos slipping the wheels on wet, snowy, or icy roads, I was thinking "Why not just start the DSG in 2nd or 3rd?" like many cars with "Winter Mode" buttons.

Curious that as much of an electronically controlled MANUAL transmission as the DSG is that I couldn't make it start in 2nd or 3rd. :confused:

Moving the lever over to manual mode certainly allows me to shift from 1st to 2nd quickly and at lower RPM than it might otherwise automatically do, but I can't be at a standstill and toggle up one or two notches and then drive off from 2nd or 3rd.

I wondered "Why?" and just wanted to confirm that others have the same experience.

Just as a side note, now that I've done the APR-93 tune, I definitely start out with a light foot; however the rest of the drive is nothing short of awesome!:)
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I've noticed that the traction control doesn't do much when the wheels spin and the car is going straight. But when the front wheels are turned and spinning I see the light come on in the dash. I've also felt it when I took a turn and hit some ice half way around.

In other cars I've had that have had traction control I've noticed it more than in the Eos (which seems to be very subtle when engaged).

In other words, it will let you get into a little trouble.
Interestingly only the 3.2 V6's ALSO have 'launch control'.:D Must make for some serious and impressive get aways from traffic lights.:eek: Sadly not an option with any other engine and doesn't appear to be available as a retro fit.:(
Sorry for delay, traction control light on dash is an orange car with two snaking tyre tracks, comes on when abs cuts in to stop wheels spinning. Dont see it often but think its on the left side of the dash. Mine is a 2007 model year, cant vouch for newer models.

Not aware of launch control mode, thought it was only on Golf GTi's. Still probably wouldn't use it as V6 in Sport mode is awesome enough and what a sound, especially with the roof down.

thanks for all the usefull info... I have noticed this issue as well... it has a lot of torque..
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