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DVD / SatNav

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Hi All.

Just a general question for the UK forum and members concerning getting the DVD/SatNav installed in the EOS.

In a nutshell, I refused to pay up as an optional extra when I ordered the EOS in light of my friend who ordered an Audi getting his DVD/SatNav installed after he received it for £695 instead of the £2000 as an optional extra.

However, here is my problem. I have searched the sites and cannot see anyone advertising as a place where you can purchase and get it installed from them.

Is there anyone on the forum who can recomend a place in the UK where:-

1- They can supply the original VW DVD/SatNav
2- They can fit it for you, professionally
3- They can update the computer within the car so it doesnt come up with errors

I know I could probably go to the dealer but they will probably charge as much as having it installed originally.

Thanks guys and assistance would be appreciated.

Sean :cool:
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Im getting a tom tom for my car when it come :) i didnt think the price of the one from VW was worth it :)

Stephb xx
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