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I had a problem with my car suffering a flat battery on two occasions, when I had left the car for 8 days or more.

The dealer identified it as the SAT NAV unit drawing a very small amount of current even when the car was left locked up in a car park.

The dealer ordered a replacement SAT NAV unit under warranty.

Had it fitted on Wednesday and to my horror when I got in to drive away, I noticed that the SAT NAV splash screen was missing the Dynaudio Sound words after the DVD Navigation at the bottom of the screen. The sound quality had deteriorated as well.

Went back into the dealer who said he had ordered the correct part number from my VIN.

Not happy, he then ordered another unit saying that this will fix the problem.

It didn't ! Same problem.

I am now waiting for VW technical to come up with the answer as to what the dealer should do.

I am not happy that this has now taken 3 days.

My observations are that the VW dealership knows very little about any of the optional accessories, be it Dynaudio or iPod adapters. And you can hardly call the Dynaudio upgrade cheap !
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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