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Ebay bargains !

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Managed to buy a set of unused genuine VW supplied fitted mats ( 70 pound )for my eos of Ebay for seven pounds and eight pounds fifity delivery, and they arrived today exactly as advertised, what a bargain. I already have a set of originals but covered them up with cheap mats to protect them, needless to say the cheap ones are getting thrown out and I,ll enjoy the originals with a new spare set to put when ever I eventually part with my EOS, not that I can see me doing that too soon , I love her to much !
Just shows keep your eyes peeled, now anybody got a wind jammer they dont want ? say a tenner !
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Ok, go to the German Ebay site and have a trawl, exercise your superb command of the language, use Babelfish popup for translation, and make sure you ask about shipping to the UK, or wherever. 'Windschott' is wind deflector, to start you off. Maybe somebody could post a list of handy words, as my command of der lingo is ****.
I even spotted a Dynaudio aftermarket kit. I was told it was impossible to retrofit, by Dynaudio UK, so wary of that one. But definitely cheaper all round than UK prices, I think.
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