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Electric foldable side mirrors

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Hi I'm new on this forum and just purcased an 2007 EOS 2,0T with 20.000KM on the clock. In fact I'm at work abroad, away from home, and my wife is going to pick it up tomorrow !!!!

In the deal, I had the the vendor to fit the package containing auto rear mirror and auto window vipers, wich also includes electric foldable side mirrors.
But for some reason, it turned out, that the latter could not be fitted to this car, which I don't understand. I thougt wires were pre routed for things like that, or does i take more?
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They are independent functions.

For auto rear mirror plus automatic wiper you need to buy:
- Windshield for auto dimming rear mirror (special base to fix the mirror and rain sensor)
- Auto diming rear mirror
- Rain sensor (this will be fixed at the base of the auto rear mirror where it fix to front window)
- Cable to connect the above (There is a shop in that sells it)

Then go to VW service and ask to activate it with VAG-COM. If it won't work then you need a new wiper lever for auto wiper.

For folder exterior mirrors you need to change windows motors for ones with this function and have also the mirrores with this function and of course the command button with this function. I'm not sure but it doesn't need VAG-COM activation.
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