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Hi All,

My first post here. A little delayed as I've been playing with my new Eos this week.

I took delivery of my shiny new beast on Saturday the 1st. I had to wait until 4pm before I could pick it up - thankfully that time didn't take long to come round!

After having driven her (well, I can't call the car an "it" can I?!) some 600 miles already I think I can safely say that this has to be the car which fits me so perfectly. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and when I buy something it has to serve both form and function. In this case, the Eos wins on all counts.

Thanks to the lovely French being on strike I had a nice 2 hour drive to Folkestone last week (usually takes 35 mins). Whilst sitting in traffic with the sun beaming in through the sun-roof I thought it was time to put the top down. It's fantastic. I've always wanted a convertable but never wanted a soft-top. The Eos having the sun-roof too is lovely as I've missed having a sun-roof since my old Escort!

Luckily, I don't think there are any issues with my car be it with road noise, creaks, knocks or even leaks. Although on the latter there hasn't been any rain really for me to test it but I did notice some water trickle in when I got into the car and the windows went down that little notch. This is something I'll have to watch.

It was great to find this forum as I was able to read up on quite a few of the techy bits and bobs before I had picked up the car.

Keep the good work up guys.


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First post and I put it in the wrong forum. Here's to a great start!
Welcome NinjaD. Doesn't really matter what forum you put it in as I think most of us just click on 'new posts' when we check in anyway, so they all come up.
Glad your loving your new car - as you can see from reading we all feel the same way about ours. Don't forget some photo's, preferably with nice backdrop, in the photo section top left corner of site, when you have time.

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Yes welcome to the club and the the world of Eos ownership. I'm sure you will find lots of things you didn't expect with your Eos, I think everyones got some discovery or other. The fun is finding them for yourself and searching on this forum can give you lots of info.

Happy EDAs
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