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I bought and fitted the Eonon headunit a couple of weeks ago, the installation was really simple and was done within 15 min although I still have the rear view camera to do but I have been preoccupied navigating my way around and learning how to use VCDS plus we haven’t had any true dry days recently.

Personally I think it looks great fitted, has an OEM look to it and overall impressions are I really like the unit and the sound it gives out is good enough for me with no audible interference that some of the other cheap headunits like this one seem to have problems with.

My biggest worry was compatibility issues and battery drain and I am pleased to say that the seller was telling the truth as it has a canbus adaptor module as part of its wiring harness so upon key removal from the ignition it shuts down and when the key is placed and turned in the ignition it comes to life again instantaneously with no boot up time at all.

The user interface was a bit basic and outdated for my taste but that was easily rectified with a third party app that I have replaced it with.

I am still able to use the steering wheel controls as per the way they were with the original RCD500 (volume up, down and mute) and to my surprise the telephone button also works for answering and hanging up calls routed through the headunit via its built in Bluetooth and it has no issues connecting with my phone and the external microphone works a treat as everyone has said that they can clearly hear me.

I am unable to see the AC or heated seat temperatures on screen as shown on the advert and have been advised from the seller that it depends on the climate control system installed but since the AC and heated seat controls are directly below the head unit I can live with that.

I also haven’t been able to get an optical rear parking view using the sensors in my rear bumper but that may be due to not yet fitting the camera so I’ll wait until I do that before I contact Eonon for further advice. I’m not sure why it would need the camera to be fitted though as it is just a simple graphic proximity translation of the ultrasonic sensors.

Anyway for £295 I am more than happy with it.
Does the steering wheel controls work with this stereo?
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