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Is there any OEM or after market stuff?
if so can you post http's
like whats the rear chome strip in the official price list? any pics?
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Being from the US I can say I am a fortunate young Eos owner. I recently went to the other VW websites for other countries and regions and I am having sticker shock on your behalf. I priced a comp Eos "overseas" and If I were to buy it anywere else it would cost approx 1/3 more than I paid here. That is not a small bit of change.

Please don't think I am bragging. I'm not. For all you UK and AUS folks, cheers. You have a wonderful automobile. I only wish there was a way you could buy one at US prices and ship it without the customs charge that would bring it to the same price you pay there.

Well it's not just Eoses, Pepino, it's cars in general.

What you pay in Dollars we pay in Pounds! I don't know today's US prices exactly but if you pay $20000 maybe for a V8 Mustang we would have to pay £23-24000 - twice as much! What does a Chrysler Crossfire 3.2 V6 retail for over there? Here it's the equivalent of $50000! And for the SRT6 version it's over $70000!

You really don't know you're born over there when it comes to new car prices. Even European cars are cheaper there; how about $43250 for the cheapest possible 6 cylinder BMW 3-series? $62000 for a Chrysler Grand Voyager 3.3 Ltd?

Like I said, neh, I'm not bragging. I've been to the UK. I know life is expensive (not just the Eos).

A good friend of mine's mother lives there and I have visited a handful of times.

just sharing my thoughts and sorrow for your checkbooks.

in the US:

cheapest 3 series BMW is about $35000
crossfire 3.2 is also around $30-35
V8 mustang GT $24000
V8 mustang cobra $45000
my Eos: about 17000 pounds.

like I said... wish I could buy one and ship it to you all.

Most US cars aren't actually on the market here officially but quite a few people bring in Mustangs etc as personal imports so that they can take advantage of low US prices. Trouble is there is lots to do to adapt them to European laws (lighting etc) plus the steering wheel is on the wrong side for the UK. All this then leads to low resale prices.. Would be the same for Eoses too!

Ignoring the differences in prices between uk and usa, I'm just more annoyed that we dont get the same choice of extras ie colour/leather etc. Although I guess that your basic model is way more basic than ours!
Well not sure you're right there Anna. The UK models get every colour and interior combination that Germany (main Eos market) can have apart from white exterior. In terms of the cloth and 2 different leather interiors choice is the same.

Believe the US actually gets less choice than we in the UK do (certainly as far as engines go).

Also different markets have different trim-levels but everything that's available in one market is also available here but perhaps as part of a different level of trim.

The only exception to all this is perhaps the 'Individual' range in Germany which not sure is available elsewhere.

The exterior colours in the US (and everywhere else) are the same but have different names in different markets.

only because they know the US market would not put up with punny engines
when i bought last merc c180 the guys on the US forum couldnt stop laughing, thier 'basic' was a 2.3 v6, and dont get me started on the prices :mad:
But they did buy Beetles in huge numbers; can't have been for their performance!

Know what you mean though; anything less than a 5-litre V8 is an 'economy' car!

I wish I could have gotten the TDI here in my Eos. They offer them in the jetta... sigh...

question for you UK folks however,
When I was there last (a couple of years ago) I saw a guy with a jeep wrangler with US spec. The steering wheel was on the left - he had european plates, but the space for the plate was obviously in the shape for a US plate. (not to mention he had an american university sticker on the bumper).

Is it legal to do this?

I have also seen an european model in the US with the steering wheel on the right on the freeway. Equally I don't know it this is legal - I don't think our police would care unless he managed to cause an accident on the road.

pardon the trivia, but I've always wondered since I saw that jeep.


It's perfectly legal both to drive an rhd car in Europe and the US and to drive an lhd car in the UK. There are some countries in the world where you aren't allowed to drive unless the wheel is on the correct side - believe Saudi Arabia is one of them but not sure about others.

There are however lots of minor legal requirements before you can register a foreign car on UK plates - too many to mention here!


Have you Xenon lights? I've arranged with my dealer to adjust them JUST before I go abroad so I don't blind anybody over there with the swivel! Then I'll have to redo it when I come back. And if I stay in England before I go abroad will have to rethink...tricky. Can you imagine the problem for someone going back and forwards?

I have, and if I remember correctly the dealer wanted about £40 to switch them then another £40 to switch them back again... So I didn't bother, I just took some stickers with me in case I drove at night. As it turned out I didn't need them as I only drove in the daylight.

It's high time the manufacturers built in a method of switching from lh dipping to rh dipping via switch on the inside. Why don't they think of these things? Why don't they ever fit anything until they're forced to? They'd sell you a car without wheels if they could get away with it!

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