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eos at last! but two questions

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Dear all,
after failing to buy a focus cc over two years ago (thank God) decided to take the plunge and do what I should have done at the time. Live in Dorset but bought an ex demo tdi 9 months old in Cornwall (garage near friends!). There seems to be so few about and this garage seemed very friendly and gave me a much better deal than anything I'd found locally.
So drove home from cornwall - fabulous - though near the end of the journey a low tyre pressure warning light came on. Checked the tyres but they seemed okay (garage had put 4 new tyres on!). Found how to reset things from the manual and it seems okay.
I have 2 questions hope someone can help with: the automatic key only unlocks the driver's door - how do I get at the settings to change this?
and more importantly, the garage attached an ipod lead but is it possible to control the selection of what is played. At present pushing the cd buttons seems to select the same random groups of songs and there is no display of titles, merely track one etc
Look forward to hearing from anyone. beautiful looking car.
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Yes, 2 clicks open all doors. This is a safety issue to prevent someone jumping into the car through one of the other doors when a person gets into the driver's seat.

Every car I've owned in at least the last 10-20 years had the same feature and most of them could be programed to open all doors at one click. I think if you took a poll, you would find nearly 100% of women prefer only the driver's door to open IF they're alone.

And being an ALFA male, I have to admit there are some areas that I prefer to only have the driver's door open. However, if you live in an area where there is NO fear of ever being car-jacked, I can understand why you want all doors to open on one click.
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