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EOS Club Site Flyer

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Click here for the official EOS Club site flyer.

If anyone has any problems with it, please do let me know.

Andrew, it may be a suggestion to make this post sticky so it remains at the top of the board.

Starting tomorrow, I'll put one on the windscreen of any other EOS that I come across on my daily travels.:)


The above link no longer works and the flyer artwork is available on the following link to a Google Drive folder containing the art work:

silvershadow - Moderator
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Oh dear - I guess we could have a few different versions for those of us who get bored easily...
Indeed - think I may go to sleep for a few weeks and wake up when the car is ready!
Hi Fred,

Happy to oblige if anyone wants to throw any work at me!
Hi Graham,

I think either Comet30 or DDLWeb was the rep in the end.

Not sure.
I'll take that as a compliment then :)

I gave one out myself the other day to an older lady in a supermarket car park. She looked at me like mad when I flagged her down! She said 'oh thanks' before driving off.

Don't think she's joined yet, although how do we know if our potential new recruits haven't been reading the threads without signing up!
1 - 7 of 80 Posts
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