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Forgive me if I havnt searched properly so I will begin.

I am proud to own an EOS and im proud to belong to a forum such as this where we can exchange ideas, views and opinions.

Are there any windscreen stickers or polo shirts that the community offers?

We need a logo for sticker.

Have we got one? If not I could design one, get it approved from the mods, i would get it printed and sell at no profit.

What do you think?

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Great idea Rob, I'd be up for one (sticker that is)
Good idea!

Would enjoy having one on my 'baby'!

I am convinced you'll come up with tons of nice, attractive, well thought-off logos and mottos! Just make sure you keep it reasonable size (I just love watching the perfect line of the pearlescent black when I have cleaned it fresh and would not want to change the style too much :p)!

If you can make the file available, we could all print locally maybe, to avoid you creating a new postal service or post office in your home ;-)

Snobbers would be up for having one :D

Steph xx
Snobbers would be up for having one :D

Steph xx
Snap!! ;)
Good idea Rob Count me in.
count me in
An alternative may be to create a small logo with a circle around it the same size a a tax disk. You can then print it out yourself, cut round the circle and put it in a tax disk holder - job done !
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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