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EOS comfortline - controlling windows from the remote

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I've just purchased an EOS 1.4 TSI 160hp comfortline.
It is really a satisfying car. I'm very glad that I've got it.
But it lacks some very basic features. My previous car was a Peugeot 307 and had lots of comfort features.
My new EOS 's windows can not be closed from the remote controller.
If I leave the windows open, I have to close them by entering the key in the door lock and holding it for some seconds.

I wonder if this feature can be added to the remote controller.
Because my friend has a Scirocco and he has the same remote controller. He's able to close the doors from remote controller.

This very basic feature should be available through remote controller.
In fact, I would expect to be able to close the roof or sunroof from remote controller as well.
Any ideas ?

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I've got it. It's really working nice and adds a lot of features to EOS. Worth every penny. And I don't understand why VW didn't do it in factory by default.

Are you from Turkey ?

I've got one too and have been happy with it.

Some of its features already exist, but must be activated with VAGCOM or by a dealer - no doubt some are being saved by VW for future model upgrades.

Some - such as being able to open the roof on the move (an option I don't use), VW would not offer due to the warranty risks - that roof is an expensive piece of kit.
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