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EOS comfortline - controlling windows from the remote

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I've just purchased an EOS 1.4 TSI 160hp comfortline.
It is really a satisfying car. I'm very glad that I've got it.
But it lacks some very basic features. My previous car was a Peugeot 307 and had lots of comfort features.
My new EOS 's windows can not be closed from the remote controller.
If I leave the windows open, I have to close them by entering the key in the door lock and holding it for some seconds.

I wonder if this feature can be added to the remote controller.
Because my friend has a Scirocco and he has the same remote controller. He's able to close the doors from remote controller.

This very basic feature should be available through remote controller.
In fact, I would expect to be able to close the roof or sunroof from remote controller as well.
Any ideas ?

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Smart Top module will give you all those functions and more. Check out Also search this forum, there is a lot of info about this already available.
Enjoy the car
No, not VW, its an aftermarket mod. Requires a bit of effort to fit, part of the boot lining has to be removed. There is a pictorial guide available for download on the manufacturers website. Have a look and see what you think. Looking at posts on this forum seems like most are very happy with module. There are lots of programmable features, programmable via dash display if you have highline MFD option.
There is a possibility that VW might not honour the warranty, but it would have to be proved that your mod was at fault. As with all items like this they must be used with a bit of common sense.

As the comfortline is not a uk model I guess you dont live here. The MFD is Multi Function Display - it is the enhanced interface that allows access to functions using the dash display.

1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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