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Eos encounter etiquette

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Well now - pre-Eos I hardly saw any on the road, could count on the fingers of one hand the number I met. Post Eos, I can't seem to get away without an 'Eos encounter' every day - sociable little things aren't they!

Each time I spot one [mainly A27 Brighton area and M4 J11 Reading area] I look hard, but get no response, not even a glance in my direction! Is it 'cos I Northern??? Of course, I am too 'Southernified' to wave or flash my lights!!

So, my question. What is the Club 'signal' that we all agree on when Eoses meet??

Answers on a postcard please!!

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I say we resurrect the dub sign, index and little finger out in a 'W' fashion. Or maybe someone can suggest a more modern take on it, I don't wnat to end up looking 'Westside'!!!

I'm all up for making a prat of myself at the lights, always have been!
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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