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Yesterday (31st July 2007) I formally rejected my Eos at a meeting arranged by my dealer.

Since taking delivery of my Eos on 8th June 2007, it has spent 13 days at the dealer having the following faults repaired:

  • Rear bumper replaced – this was the result of damage caused by the dealer when they reversed my Eos into another vehicle while they were positioning it for handover on the forecourt!
  • New front Chrome Grill – this was identified as being cracked when I took delivery of the vehicle (Resolution - grill was replaced)
  • Leaking roof – this was due to my roof being severely out of alignment, which was possibly caused during the collision (Resolution - adjustments made)
  • Door sills retaining water – manufacturing defect (Resolution - drainage holes cut into seals)
  • Windows out of alignment – this was linked to the roof being out of alignment (Resolution - adjustments made)
  • Boot lid not in alignment – again linked to the roof not being in alignment (Resolution - new boot lid fitted and related parts replaced)
  • Drivers seat belt not springing back – this was damaged by the dealer while sorting out the window alignment problems (Resolution - seat belt replaced)
  • Oil stains on carpet, mats and seats – this was careless damage caused by the dealer while attempting to repair the above faults (stains cleaned and replacement mats provided)
  • Scratched rear lights – this was damaged by the dealer when they were attempting to realign the boot lid (Resolution - replacement lights fitted)

I sent letters with photographic evidence to the Manager of the dealer I purchased the vehicle from, the managing Director of the parent company and to VW UK outlining my disappointment and concerns with my vehicle.

My dealer invited me to a meeting yesterday to discuss my letter and hand me back my repaired Eos (this time they had had it for 9 consecutive days!). The car had been repaired and fully valeted, and filled up with petrol and it looked as though it was brand new.

However I was concerned that the rear section of the vehicle was not the original parts that had left the factory less than 2 months earlier! The car didn’t feel like a new car to me, and I lacked confidence with it. I also had issues over how I was treated by the dealer, the quality of the workmanship and the inconvenience that I had been subjected to.

Fortunately my dealer has agreed to replace my Eos with a brand new one! I was also given the option of changing the specification and chosing a different dealer to collect the vehicle from! It is about to be ordered, but it is unlikely to arrive until the end of 2007 / early 2008 (the dealer is trying to get the order prioritised but this isn’t likely to happen). So while I wait for my replacement Eos to arrive, the dealer is allowing me to drive around in my repaired Eos.

My Eos has been a total nightmare, however I am lucky that I am getting a new replacement which I hope is problem free!

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Hi Jonny,

Sorry to hear that you have had so many problems with your car however I feel that you have been very fortunate that the dealer has acted so quickly. I had a very bad experience with a BMW and it took 13 months and a lot of hard work, threats and anguish before getting a result from them.

Hopefully you will have a trouble free time until your new car arrives and then of course have a trouble free car. Good luck and well done.


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Hi JonnyT,

I really do sympathise with you. I have had two cars replaced in the past. One was an Audi TT Roadster which was one of the first to be built. This went back after several months with 41 different faults.

The second was a Suzuki Grand Vitara which was rejected with brake failure after only 1 month.

All the best for a speedy and satisfactory resolution to your EOS issues.

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If I had those many problems with my car, I wonder if my dealer would offer me a new one? For some reason, I doubt it.
Good for you, in that regard.
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