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Hi, I’ve been lurking here for a while, should’ve introduced myself so apologies for that.
I have a black 2008 Eos Individual diesel, with MOT until June.
2tone leather interior and alloys are in good condition, roof works perfectly.

However, the turbo is on its way out so it will be going to WBAC/motorway soon.

I don’t know if the interior is highly sought after, would seem a shame for a rare spec to be completely lost when someone might want to upgrade their own. Would only want WBAC price to be matched.
Can provide photos.


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Thanks for the quick reply, but you're a bit too far away.

One thing though - I wouldn't hold your breath on £1000.

My car is pictured at the top left of this page. 2008 TFSi 2.0 liter.
It's done 89k and an online quote from Motorway just came back offering me just £965!
The car is immaculate, full service history, 3 owners, etc.

Remember when they give you your quote, you then have to take it to a dealer who will knock down the price further.
A private sale will get you more money for sure.
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