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Woooo Hooooooooooo

Picking up Eos sunday

questions questions??

whats the tyre pressure s for the Eos guys??

anything to look out for on receipt that I must check that might lead to rejection of the eos delivered

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There is a pre-pickup checklist prepared by Gavster a while back have a search of the forums for it, it is very comprehensive.


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You will love it. Hope the weather is kind and you can get the lid off.
Tyre pressures are on the fuel filler cap.
Where are you and what have you ordered?

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im in the west midalnds

ordered a 2.0 TDI sport DSG
pearl black
upgraded radio
winter pack
luxury pack
Great gb. Don't forget your camera when you go and pick EOS up. You will just love the DSG. Seems to be quite a few of us in the 'midlands' now, good sign for a meet next spring ?
Good luck Sunday

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Better to inspect in daylight.
Collected mine at about 3 PM when the light was not great and didn't spot the 2 small dings in the rear quarter panels - they are very visible in normal light. They have agreed to sort them, but it's still a nuisance.
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