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Looks good:

Eos and Scirocco
Volkswagen introduces a couple of special editions at Essen
By Stephen Dobie28th November 2008
The Essen motor show isn't just for third-party tuners and ambitious tweakery - the manufacturers give it a go sometimes, too. Take this smart pair of special editions from Volkswagen.

The Eos coupe-convertible has always been a competent if overlooked car, but this White Night edition should see to that. A black and white two-tone colour scheme (including a black folding roof, echoing a traditional canvas-roofed convertible) some intricate alloys and nappa leather are joined by the 3.2-litre V6 from the Golf R32, meaning a healthy 246bhp and 236lb ft is on tap. The heavier Eos is likely to be a a bit slower than the hatch's 5.8sec to 60mph, although the limited 155mph top speed should stay.

The current tuners-favourite, the VW Scirocco, has also had some official attention - and this one will definitely be produced, although limited to 100 units as part of a Collectors Edition series. Potential classic status could await. The modifications are fairly minor, gaining a toned-down black'n'white theme and keeping the 197bhp 2-litre turbo from the top-spec GT. The gearbox is VW's smart DSG double-clutcher.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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