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Eos on order, but a few questions...

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Nothing too serious just pondering...

Mine is a 2.0 FSI Sport (non turbo), will it still have a double barrel exhaust or a single or will it be hidden like the diesel?

Is the climate really worth £400 over the standard aircon? What exacly does "semi climatic" mean? To my knowlege climate is where there is an auto setting and air-con just blasts out cold air for ever till you turn it off. So what is the standard air-con like I suppose is what i'm asking?

Does the roof operation work whilst in motion say at 20mph or under like some other marques?

Ive gone for the Dynaudio option and was just wondering wot and where the extra 2x speakers are (10 instead of 8) please tell me theres a couple of base bins somewhere?

Thanks for your help guys and girls.
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. I also remember reading somewhere that wnen Chicagos are selected then they dont lower the car by 15mm in the sport pack as they do for 17" wheels, is this correct?

As far as I undestand it doesnt matter what diameter wheel you have the tyres change profile so the overall diameter stays the same so your lowered suspension is still lowered even with 18" wheels. Some folks say that the lower profile tyre on the 18" wheel means a bumpier ride buts its all personal preference.
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