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EOS Sale rethink !

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Having to rethink the EOS going as I,ve just had an awesome EDA, drove my EOS all the way up from N.Yorkshire to Aberdeen. I set off at 08.00 and as the outside temperature was around the 15 degree mark decided to drop the roof. It wasnt until six hours later and reaching my destination of Aberdeen that I the roof was put back up again. The temperature varied between 15 and 18 degrees with just a spot or two of rain and no sunshine, perfect top down driving weather. Only once did I put the heater on and that was going over the Forth road bridge. I rediscovered the joy of driving in sports mode and utilising the flappy paddles along with using the cruise control ! It was an all together brilliant experience and certainly made what would normally be for me a 40 minute hop in a plane, pretty boring ! The car averaged 47.3 mpg @ a steady 70mph and a total distance of 305 miles with a couple of stops for food etc included. The EOS had lots of admiring glances as usual as she well deserves and one other point you could easily talk hands free at 70mph with the top down !
Bugger it I,m keeping her :)
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Thanks for the replies, what date and where is the Hull meet and I,ll have a look at where I am at then ?

Metalic Silver Essence, 2.0 TDi sport, Chicagos, RCD500, Ipod connectivity, cruise, Lux pack, Red Nappa, DSG, Multi function wheel with paddles and a wind deflector ! Pluss flaps and boot liner :)

Eos Drive - Humber Bridge (North Car Park) to Scarborough 31/08! All welcome. 1030 start? Or later? The Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club are also having a run out that day, starting in the same car park and also driving to North Yorkshire (Thornton-le-Dale I think) so there'll be a few Morris Minors to look at too! Actually they have some nice cars in the club - E-Types etc and usually have a big turnout.

Bit later start please as my husband will be working on the saturday night until the early hours. Is that ok?

Thanks Trish
Suits me as I will be celebrating my birthday the night before...! 1130/12? 2 in the afternoon?

An early "many happy returns" for the 30th then neh! 1130 would be better please!
Thanks! You can give me my pressie at 1130 on Sunday then!

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