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Hello fellow EOS owners,

Has anyone had any experience with replacing the stock VW sound system with a third paty unit?

I am considering removing the EOS stereo unit and replacing it with a King Cobra 7 Inch HD Touch Car DVD Player FreeView Digital (DVB-T).

I have an end of year 2009 model with 2010 specs.

Can anyone help with with the replacement of the stereo? Specifically with Cobra King, has anyone installed this system into their EOS?

Has anyone heard of any complications when switching from the cars individual factory equipment?? Issues with the harness and computer interface??

I am particuarly wanting to know if I can connect the Cobra King to the steering wheel buttons?

And if I can onnect the Cobra King to the ignition, so the stereo turns off when I turn the car off.

Any information on the subject of replacing the stock VW EOS stereo with another stereo will be most helpful.

Thank you
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