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I KNOW it's pathetic but I have the excuse of waiting (patiently!!!) for my Eos to arrive in the country ... anyway now I am Eos-spotting every time I go outside my door. I was in a car park not many miles from my house this morning and sat waiting for the driver of the Eismeer blue Eos to come back so that I could talk to him/her. There is only so long you can do this without having to go and do your shopping so ... no luck. Then I saw a red one on the M2.
As it was absolutely throwing it down with rain it can't be to do with the weather!
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When I was umming & arring about which Eos model to buy - petrol or diesel - an Eos suddenly arrived as if by magic & parked right in front of where I was standing. Once the owner had finished locking up I approached him & asked his advice. He had a 2 litre TDI & had just finished a 5000 mile trip in Europe.
He swore by the diesel & advised that it was very frugal on fuel compared with the 2 litre FSI but, of course, not as fast. He was a delighted owner & thoroughly recommended one.
On his advice I opted for the diesel. I've just finished a round trip to London & back (to Volksworld) this evening & over the 450 miles we averaged 46 miles per gallon & are still showing a quarter tank full.
We stopped at Fleet Sevices on the M3 & parked next to another Eos, the only one we saw. Didn't see any at Volksworld although I'm sure there must have been some there but there were certainly some lovely Beetles & Buses there. Coming back, it was "top down" as it was a beautiful afternoon with very little on the road.
In 50 years time will we be looking at the classic Eos?
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I had omitted to say that a friend at work had a 2.0 FSI & she could not sing its praises enough. She did say that it was fast but thirsty but would not let me have a drive.
When I moved to Devon I had a test drive in a 2.0 FSI & was very impressed with acceleration, etc. However, I couldn't find a local dealer with a 2.0 TDI.
In the end, I chose frugality over rapidity & very glad that I did so. Where I live in rural Devon, it is mainly country lane motoring with few opportunities for traffic light GPs or overtaking. It was the Eos owner who stopped in front of me who finally persuaded me as to which one to go for.
You're right of course - I will try & convince any future enquirers to go for the diesel, purely from my own experience, but in the end, its horses for courses.
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