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I KNOW it's pathetic but I have the excuse of waiting (patiently!!!) for my Eos to arrive in the country ... anyway now I am Eos-spotting every time I go outside my door. I was in a car park not many miles from my house this morning and sat waiting for the driver of the Eismeer blue Eos to come back so that I could talk to him/her. There is only so long you can do this without having to go and do your shopping so ... no luck. Then I saw a red one on the M2.
As it was absolutely throwing it down with rain it can't be to do with the weather!
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You know we EOS owners must be very much alike. Drove yesteday in beautiful sunshine from Nottingham to Leamington Spa and back again later, and the only cars 'topless' we saw were several EOS's ! Roof down, wind deflector in place, bum warmers on - nothing like it! Good to be alive
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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