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Ex-pat saying bonjour

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Hi, all. Found this forum today having ordered my Eos yesterday at the local VW garage. Unbelievably, I had literally 150 TDI models to choose from (colour combos, trim, etc.), but there were NO petrol cars at all available in the whole of France! I had wanted the TFSI, but that would have meant a 3-month wait, by which time the summer would be practically over.

Like most people over here, I always buy diesel, but I fancied a change for my first cabriolet and would you believe there were none to be had, so I'll be taking delivery of a silver TDI in about 10 days' time...

My principal reason for not wanting the TDI was the diesel clatter (especially roof down) - can existing owners reassure me on this one?

I look forward to contributing to the forum as and when :)
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I love the turbo petrol, but kinda wish I got the TDI instead sometimes.... Our government doesn't seem to like powerful cars (Unless it's their own of course!)
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