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Expensive Maintenance

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Has anyone taken their EOS into Volkswagen for a regular scheduled maintenance? Someone has told me that maintenance is expensive. How much for a basic oil change? I haven't picked up my EOS yet, but this is something I would be interested in knowing.

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In my previous vehicle I used semi-synthetic and changed oil every 5000 KM as recommended by a mechanic. I think I will do the same in the EOS. What environmental impact are you suggesting? the fact that there would be more used oil? We recycle our used oil here in Canada. There are many practical uses for used motor oil. A primary use is to rerefine it into a base stock for lubricating oil. This process is very similar to the refining of crude oil. The result is that the rerefined oil is of as high a quality as a virgin oil product. In fact, rerefining used oil takes from 50 to 85 percent less energy than refining crude oil.
I guess it depends on who you talk to or believe. My mechanic suggests changing every 5000 KM regardless of whether it is regular oil or synthetic. That theory seems to be in line with the oil manufacturer Quaker State, who states in the FAQ (that I got from your first link) that:

Myth #7

Synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional oil or extends the oil drain interval.
You can go longer (i.e., 25000 miles) with synthetic oils.
Using synthetic motor oils can double your oil drain interval.
Synthetic motor oils can be used twice as long as conventional motor oils.
Changing only your oil filter every 3000 miles and topping off the oil can extend drain intervals.

Quaker State® does not recommend extending oil drain intervals beyond the “severe service” maintenance interval of three months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. Also, we are unaware of any automobile manufacturer in the United States that currently recognizes using any synthetic oil beyond the recommended oil change intervals outlined in their owner’s manual. We emphasize severe service since the majority of motor vehicles are operated in severe driving conditions such as short trips (under 10 miles), dusty or sandy conditions, cold weather, extended idling periods, trailer towing or other harsh conditions. Under ideal conditions, however, such as a dust-free climate, highway driving, light loads, perfect engine performance, etc., the oil drain interval may be extended to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended “normal service” period (generally between 3,000 to 7,500 miles). Contamination by normal wear particles, water, fuel, and other combustion by-products, as well as additive depletion, are the main reasons for changing conventional oils on a regular basis. Synthetic oils are equally susceptible to this problem. The only way to remove these contaminants is to change the oil and filter within manufacturers’ recommended intervals.

So, based on this information, regardless of what type of oil Volkswagen suggests using in the EOS, I will be changing it every 3 months or 5000K as recommended by my mechanic and Quaker State. But I agree that using conventional oil would be much cheaper over the life of the car.
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