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Expensive month...

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Just had to pay for the car tax - that was a shocker when it arrived, and car insurance is due in 2 weeks! Currently with esure and have a renewal quote of £435, been looking around and most quotes are over 500 quid, have I missed another potential cheaper company?!
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Dont know what your situation is regarding claims, age and milage etc. But Direct Line for me are £340, full no claims.
10yrs no claims (protected), less than 10k miles a year, dont think the fact that I have to park on road outside house helps, nor does the half way decent postcode! At least its lower than last years quotes! Might just go investigate what cash back deals are on offer on, might work out cheaper!
ooo, cheers by the way! Directline came out at close to 550, tesco is over 600, shelias wheels is around 450..
ooo, cheers by the way! Directline came out at close to 550, tesco is over 600, shelias wheels is around 450..
I'm with esure as well Anna, they were by far the cheapest especially if you buy on line, mine includes no claim protection, Tesco and Direct line were way higher. Esure was £458 inc legal protection.
Cheers, David
I'm with Swift Cover - been with them for 2 years now with no problems.

£350 a year for both me and the missus (I'm 30, she's 25)
It'll depend a lot on where you are, where the car is kept and your age and stuff like that. My previous car (Mazda RX-8) cost me £342 (low risk area and garaged) with Privilege. Just keep shopping around I guess.
Have you tried Admiral they've been less than DirectLine for a couple of years now for me?

Also I added my Mum as a named driver and that knocked a chunk off the cost too.
Low tax on diesels

Not often one gets a nice surprise in the tax department, so I was very pleased when I found that the tax on my tDi is only £135 per annum due to low emission rating. Insurance under £300 pa, but that's because I am an old bloke with a clean license!
I have never regretted going for the diesel option, even though the first dealer I went to tried everything to get me to take a 2-litre petrol version. I've just come back from doing a couple of thousand miles around Germany, averaging 47mpg, which means well over 500 miles between fill-ups. That's great because I am not a fan of gas stations. Only saw a couple of Eoses during the entire trip, and one of those was at the Dartford tunnel on the way home. Where are they all? Mine attracts quite a bit of attention in mainland Europe, but it may be because the steering wheel is on the wrong side...

Enjoy your Eoses as much as I enjoy mine
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