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Hi All,

Even though my Eos has come with a full stamped service history it doesn't have a lot of receipts or invoices for any other work carried out.

I have registered with My VW but that just shows anything under my ownership and since I haven't had VW do anything it doesn't show any service work.

I have called VW and they said that my car has an official VW service record with them only until 2012 so the other stamps in my book must be by independent garages carrying out services (makes sense as my Eos will have been 5 year old and out of dealership warranty by that time).

The guy at VW said that as it went to the same dealership if I call the garage that did the servicing until 2012 they may tell me what (if any) other work they carried out.

Basically I was hoping to find out if the seals had been replaced with the upgraded ones, any engine work, battery replacement etc.

Other than contacting the other dealership is there any way I could find this information by giving my registration and VIN online? I was actually quite surprised that VW themselves wouldn't tell me what my car records said on their system.

Best Regards,

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