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first impressions

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had my eos three weeks now and added a tank-full of miles (750KM actually:)) to the odometer. so here is what i think:

the build is superb, everything is clear concise and does what it is meant to do well. the seats are supportive and comfortable.

mine has the sports suspension and the chicago wheels, and due to the poor roads here in tenerife i was contemplating speaking to the dealer about swapping the wheels for stock ones. that would have been such a mistake as the car rides like a dream taking all the worst that the roads can offer easily in its stride. i cannot put into words how well she handles. i took her around the hairpins up the mountain by us yesterday and the handling was perfect; well balanced and positive with no over or under steer. i had read about scuttle shake and was interested to feel this but she felt solid as a rock to me. the steering is so precise - it was a dream. my last sports car i had to leave in UK was a tuned and lowered smart brabus roadster and i thought it was the best handling car i had ever driven, but the eos as though not as quick around the bends (the brabus only weighed 700kg) does what it does with much more class and precision. where the brabus would move off line over a bump, the eos just keeps on going like it's on rails.

the dsg box is just amazing. this is the 4th sequential i have owned and it is by far the best. i knew it would be having read the blurb, but it is so much better than i expected. i had paddles on the brabus and used them all the time and was so pleased to see them on the eos, but to be honest i hardly ever use them. leave in D for general use, and then move to S for a perfect sports box. it always seems to be in the correct gear for accelerating out of the tight corners without a hint of waiting for the delivery to come in (not the case in D).

the TDi engine is noisy at start but on the road i never hear it. in fact the package sound good and sporty under load. and the fuel consumption! 750 km to a tank is unreal for a car like this. i am convinced i have the correct package in the dsg and the TDi. dont take this the wrong way, but i really feel sorry for those with the manual box. you honestly do not know what you are missing.

the roof. well i have been lucky enough to do the whole 750 km with the roof down and apart from being very burnt the whole experience has been very positive. the wind breaker does not make too much difference and is now stored in the garage. windows down when it is over 26 degrees and windows up under 25 degrees seems to be the rule on the motorway, and windows down the rest of the time.

the boot is much larger than i expected and I got a full weeks shop for 4 in there with the roof down. my tennis bag just squeezes in with the cover thing pushed hard up a couple of inches.

all in all it is superb and not only the best car i have owned to date (against 28 others) but the best car i have ever driven.

downsides. the only one is that the boot is hard to put back down. no place to grip and quite hard against the struts. apart from that - perfect.

oh, and i found some more extras i did not know i had: rear parking sensors (not just the ones for the roof), chrome pedals, dual climate control, i-pod dock, cruise control. i bought the car from the dealer as a demo with 3k km on the clock and had no idea what extras it had. if i had ordered it new, it would have come just the way it did - i am so happy with her - can you tell:D

sorry for no photo just yet. too busy driving and smiling.
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