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First Member Windscreen Smash ?

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Poor Gary came home from work soooooo..... p'd off last night! Coming into our village they are laying new tarmac so he made a point of really slowing down - what happens some bloody idiot coming towards him leaving the village decides its ok to speed up ! He said the chipping from the other car wheel hit his windscreen like a bullet and he had to watch the crack creep right across the front ! New windscreen being fitted on Saturday afternoon but as he says it just wont be the original anymore. Commiserations for him required please. :(
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Hey I've had my windscreen replaced twice, the first time was from a chip and the second time because the guy who fitted the replacement had never done an EOS before and when I drove the 50 miles home from work the screen whistled like a kettle...... touch wood all is well with this one.
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