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First Service

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Hi All

My baby is due for her first service in November. Hubby wants to know what we should be expecting to pay for this (don't want to be ripped off) and also would you advise going to the dealer or a private garage? Too technical for me - I just love driving her!!!! :p
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I took my Eos into my dealer a couple of weeks ago (primarily to have the top seals serviced.) The car had 5000 miles on it. The service manager told me he knew nothing about doing the seals, but he would check on it. When the car was finished, he told me about the stuff that I would have to buy elsewhere and do myself.

I almost fell over when I saw the bill ($75). Normally I pay around $25 for an oil service and filter. One of the reasons it was so high was that they put in synthetic oil @ $8 a quart. And of course, they gave me a piece of paper that stated they checked the brakes, tire pressure, windshield fluid, etc. I guess that was to make me think $75 was legit. Interesting enough, about a week later I get a low tire pressure warning and it turned out all 4 tires were low (slightly under 30 PSI) with the recommended pressure 34 PSI

Anyone know if VW recommends synthetic oil?
oil used must be VW approved 502.00 rated and is synthetic. Two main brands being used here is Castrol Syntec 5w40 and Mobil 1 0w40. My dealer uses the Castrol and charges $7 a quart which is about what the local discount auto parts place charges. If you didn't like the $75 5k service you won't like the 10k which is double that and the 20k which cost me over $400.
In the US we have requirement similar to Australia. As long as we have documentation that show that the service is being done by a legitimate service place at the VW's required maintenance point using VW quality filters and oil it's okay. Obviously if a real repair is needed then the car has to fixed by a VW dealer.
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