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First Service

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Hi All

My baby is due for her first service in November. Hubby wants to know what we should be expecting to pay for this (don't want to be ripped off) and also would you advise going to the dealer or a private garage? Too technical for me - I just love driving her!!!! :p
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Rathbod, Im afraid you are wrong.

I have looked at my warranty and it is there in black and white.

It states that during the the warranty period all servicing must be undertaken using oem parts and by vw technicians hereby authorised by the manufacturer.

I spoke with assistance,non franchised dealers are not sent circulars or updates on vehicles so therefore they are not factory authorised, therefore the warranty is null and void.

Rathbod's not wrong Barchetta, whatever it states in the service book!

That certainly used to be the case but manufacturers CANNOT refuse to honour a warranty just because the car wasn't serviced by a VW dealer during its warranty; that would be illegal.

However, the parts used by an independent must be either genuine VW parts or parts of a similar quality otherwise the warranty CAN be voided, and the workmanship must also be up to the same standard.

Hence it is a risk going to a non-franchised dealer, but if you have confidence in one (and I know of at least one around here who is just as good as the Main Dealer AND uses genuine VW parts only) then there is no reason whatsoever why you shouldn't use him rather than pay the high VW stealer prices!

Having said that, although I use the non-franchised dealer for my (old!) Polo runabout I only use the Main Dealer for my Eos! So I don't take the risk, and I must say they have been extremely helpful so I don't want to risk upsetting them!

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As a rider to my above comments I understand it could all change again as the EU are busy moving the goalposts once more. If what I have read is correct then in the next year or two it is again going to be impossible for anyone other than a Main Dealer to service any cars at all!

There is however going to be a big backlash from garages and it may be the EU will have to tone down their approach. I can't see if coming off myself. It would push up costs for everyone who runs a car, would lead to closures and redundancies amonst the independents and is really not good for anyone except the Dealers themselves. It's the EU with more nonsensical legislation.

Well I am afraid that is what my servive book and warranty document states.

Perhaps you could inform me of the page number where it states that this is incorrect, and i dont mean a third parties comment such as the RAC/AA as we all know that means nothing.

EU Ruling 1375.887.354.1 states that for a works to be complete the parts must be recognised by the OEM producer and the technician must have the relevant skills to affix such parts. The maunfacturer states that the technician must be recognised by the factory and be competent on all engineering updates and for a warranty claim this must be verified by an authorised technician of the factory, this includes technical updates on the model.

So no technical update, work carried out....warranty void.

To appease myself I again rang assistance and they confirmed that if they did not receive the maintenance circulars, they are not approved technicians and the warranty is void.

The AA/RAC can say what they want but they are not the law,purely advisers.

Please feel free to prove me wrong, if you do then I save money and my custom goes elsewhere.

Im not being awkard, rather than post web links why not call assistance and then report on what they state like I did.

Also, why would my warranty differ from anyone elses? Am I the only one that has this written in the service book.

Why not all have a read through then if you cant find it I will give you the page number.

The law was changed only relatively recently, perhaps even after your service book was printed.

Forcing Owners to use a Main Dealer rather than a service agent of their own choice was deemed anti-competitive by the EU, but they had a block exemption for many years. That was withdrawn only a year or two ago, since when you can get your car serviced wherever you like without invalidating your warranty - provided the work is done properly. And the definition of 'properly' is using manufacturers' parts or parts of equivalent quality and using technicians who know what they are doing!

As mentioned before however believe the EU are about to backtrack and allow the Manufacturers to once again hold you to ransom..

That is quite correct, the law has changed hence the EU ruling that I placed in my post.

It was argued at the European Court that a technician may be competent to carry out repairs, however as far as the factory are concerned they are not competent to carry out repairs if they are not in lawful possesion of all engineering and technical updates.

All the updates are covered by copyright and state that work is only lawful if it is carried out by a qualified technician and the courts have sided with the manufacturers. This was also ratified by the monopolies commision.

Again in response to my previous post, car organisations such as AA/RAC etc are not legal bodies in such they can only advise and not enforce so it is really irrelevant what they say.

I am going to find the change in ruling and place it on here, I do know it was only in the last couple of months but as you can imagine there are thousands of changes made regulary.

In the end you have two choices, go to the main dealer and know you are covered and preserve the warranty or go elsewhere and take a chance.

That's why I still actually go to the Main Dealer. I am not prepared to take any risks!

Spot on Silvershadow!
Trouble is the manufacturers have more power within the EU corridors than the people.
They can always come up with 'proof' that for safety reasons it's imperative their own dealers service the cars and for whatever reason the politicians have gone along with them both in the past and in the future.
Hardly anyone bothers to vote in EU elections anyway because the people are so cynical of their motives. It's one gigantic gravy-train.


Great service! Rear brake problem taken care of by dealer with disasembly, cleaning, no damaged parts. Synthetic oil & filter change, and various checks of required listed items. Best part was total cost US was $144.00!

Proffesional, quick, and very couteous! I have taken my BMW in for service, and the dealer in Hawaii is often rude, don't want to service the car because it is an older model, and I point blank told them, if they built a new BMW that I liked, I would buy one! I had bought 3 new ones from them, but they don't think owner loyalty is important.

Drove the EOS to the dealer the other day to pick up some parts for the BMW that I now have serviced at a small specialty shop, and I swear, the Salesmen sucked win, when I put the roof down and drove away!

Love my EOS! Will replace the BMW eventually with the new CC Passat coming out!

Passat CC is out here already and have had a look/sit in one. It looks a million dollars! Great choice.
Only drawback is it only seats 4 (and of course the roof doesn't drop despite the 'CC' moniker!)

Steph, When they replaced our 08 with an 09 they told us about the Free services at 6K, 10K, 20K, 30K. Essentially 3 year or 36k which ever comes first.
What I did not pick up on was the warranty change. An 08 model year had 4 year-50k warranty bumper to bumper, and 5 year 75K power train.
The 09 has 3 year or 36k bumper to bumper, and 5 year 75K power train.
Is yours the same?
UK never got 4 years, only 3.
Service levels in the UK don't quite match those in the US...

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