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First Service

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Hi All

My baby is due for her first service in November. Hubby wants to know what we should be expecting to pay for this (don't want to be ripped off) and also would you advise going to the dealer or a private garage? Too technical for me - I just love driving her!!!! :p
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Assuming Rathbod is correct, which I believe he is... You could try this place... My sister swears by them:

I will be using them once my service plan runs out... (I have a main dealer service plan which I bought when I got the car)...
It's fine, don't worry... I am very happy with my service plan! :)

I use Citygate in Colindale and they aren't like most other dealers... The engineers are really nice and it's open from like 6am to 10pm!! They even open 10-4 on Sundays!!!
I agree with Derek... The place I intend to use when my service plan runs out also says the same thing:

Also, these guys are all VW/Audi trained anyway!
1 - 3 of 53 Posts
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