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First Service

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Hi All

My baby is due for her first service in November. Hubby wants to know what we should be expecting to pay for this (don't want to be ripped off) and also would you advise going to the dealer or a private garage? Too technical for me - I just love driving her!!!! :p
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If its new and you want to keep the value I would always go to a main stealer whilst the warranty is still running.

I do know from speaking with my service manager who stated that if the car was not serviced by a main dealer during the validity of the warranty from the factory then the warranty would be null and void.

If you still have the car after three years then IMHO you are better off going to a specialist rather than a main stealer as the warranty is gone and the independents are a lot lot cheaper.

I have just had my first service and it was £198 sterling. Not bad for an oil and filter change and the once over.......not.

It did come back super clean inside and out and there was only 1 mile on the clock for the roadcheck.

I dont know if it differs up and down the country.
Rathbod, Im afraid you are wrong.

I have looked at my warranty and it is there in black and white.

It states that during the the warranty period all servicing must be undertaken using oem parts and by vw technicians hereby authorised by the manufacturer.

I spoke with assistance,non franchised dealers are not sent circulars or updates on vehicles so therefore they are not factory authorised, therefore the warranty is null and void.
Well I am afraid that is what my servive book and warranty document states.

Perhaps you could inform me of the page number where it states that this is incorrect, and i dont mean a third parties comment such as the RAC/AA as we all know that means nothing.

EU Ruling 1375.887.354.1 states that for a works to be complete the parts must be recognised by the OEM producer and the technician must have the relevant skills to affix such parts. The maunfacturer states that the technician must be recognised by the factory and be competent on all engineering updates and for a warranty claim this must be verified by an authorised technician of the factory, this includes technical updates on the model.

So no technical update, work carried out....warranty void.

To appease myself I again rang assistance and they confirmed that if they did not receive the maintenance circulars, they are not approved technicians and the warranty is void.

The AA/RAC can say what they want but they are not the law,purely advisers.

Please feel free to prove me wrong, if you do then I save money and my custom goes elsewhere.

Im not being awkard, rather than post web links why not call assistance and then report on what they state like I did.

Also, why would my warranty differ from anyone elses? Am I the only one that has this written in the service book.

Why not all have a read through then if you cant find it I will give you the page number.
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That is quite correct, the law has changed hence the EU ruling that I placed in my post.

It was argued at the European Court that a technician may be competent to carry out repairs, however as far as the factory are concerned they are not competent to carry out repairs if they are not in lawful possesion of all engineering and technical updates.

All the updates are covered by copyright and state that work is only lawful if it is carried out by a qualified technician and the courts have sided with the manufacturers. This was also ratified by the monopolies commision.

Again in response to my previous post, car organisations such as AA/RAC etc are not legal bodies in such they can only advise and not enforce so it is really irrelevant what they say.

I am going to find the change in ruling and place it on here, I do know it was only in the last couple of months but as you can imagine there are thousands of changes made regulary.

In the end you have two choices, go to the main dealer and know you are covered and preserve the warranty or go elsewhere and take a chance.
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