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Fitted luggage

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I know this topic had been discussed in the past and I have read most of the posts, however, most of a year has passed and I want to know from those who purchased the fitted luggage how you like it now. What are the pluses and minuses. As far as accommadating the tool kit, I think I could take the tools out of the case and fit them in the spare tire area or even put them inside the luggage. Can the luggage be put in and removed while the top is down?

It's Christmas and I want to give our Eos and ourselves a gift.

Any comments would be welcome.

We already have other rolling luggage that gets the job done, just want something special.

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Hey Steve...

Where are you going to get Eos fitted luggage in Colorado? From reading between the lines here, it seems like a European option.

As for putting the tool kit (jack, etc loosely around the spare), I gave that a half-hearted shot. The reason I backed out and put it back in the tool container is that there are some "small" items in the kit that would be easy to lose if they were out of the tool container. I suppose you could get a bag for these smaller items, but I certainly wouldn't want them rolling around making a racket and maybe disappearing from maybe a tire shop repairing a flat. I've lost stuff like this in the past.

Re getting the luggage out with the top down, I don't think that's a big problem. First of all for the most part, it would mean taking a road trip with the top down. If when pulling into a motel for the night, it's not very likely you're going to leave the top down overnight. But lets assume you're someone who might like to leave the top down for whatever reason. All you have to do is pop in the car, put the top up, take out your luggage, and then put the top back down.

If or when my wife and I take a trip in our Eos, the top will probably be up for high speed driving. But, if it's not, our baggage will be in the "top down storage area" and things we need during the day will be stored on the back seat under the wind screen deflector.
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