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Fitting aftermarket iPod adaptor

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I'm no techie so would appreciate some help. I recently purchased the Xcarlink iPod adaptor. All seems sensible and straight-forward and I've got as far as working out how to get the radio out of the harness and which cables go where etc. The problem comes when I think about how to route the cable from the back of the radio down to the armrest box. This would seem to involve removing the centre console covers and it is at this stage that my nerve deserted me.

Alternatively, it looks as if it may be easier (although less satisfactory) to route the cable through to the glove box...

Has anyone else done this? Any tips, advice, guidance, help etc most welcome!

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i had a simular setup on previous eos
i removed the ashtray and gearlever cover to ease installation , but you can also just tuck it between the carpet and the console
i fitted mine in one of the cupholders as i already had the cd changer in the armrest
the bottom of the cupholders comes away and i then used a dremil to make a hole big enough for the plug, sounds nasty but if you cock up the little round mat covers all see my post on ipod and video working on nav screen
to be honest though i wouldnt bother again just pit it in the glovebox :D
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