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Found a 2007

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Didn't want to wait for the 2008's and miss a summer with the top down, so contrary to advice from dealers in Vancouver, there were two 2007 Eos at Harbourview Autohaus in Nanaimo, BC - both 2.0T with the leather package. I purchased the silver one and there was still a black one as of two weeks ago. So far, I have had no issues with the car and love it. I don't love the person who ripped off the "2.0T" emblem on the trunk. I noticed a black mark and found that it was the sticky substance used to glue it to the car body! Then of course, figured out what was missing. Frustrating, but at least nothing of consequence. Wonder if the dealer will help me out with a new one or if I will have to purchase a one. Anyone else have this problem? The "2.0T" seemed to be glued with a different substance than the EOS emblem which appears to be more difficult to pull off. Cheers.
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You have a choice, remove the black sticky stuff with some petrol and leave the skinned look or get some double sided tape and a new badge. I personally think the debadged look is better.

Best of luck
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