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from Russia with Love)

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Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present a new owner of this brilliant car. I`m talkin` about me)

I did not doubt the choice and have been assured that it is one of the best cars!

I think that I will find many interesting and useful things about this car at you!
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They ordered Glass from Deutschland and it will come in 3 weeks/ 3 long weeeks(((

As for navigator(yes, It`s GPS)- It was in Ia compartment for the service book (I don`t know how it in English:) ) I think that thief perhaps saw me hideing there...

Thank you for you lifestory/
I've always been careful about where I park my car - especially being a woman alone anyway but I don't think that will stop the opportunist thief. Sorry to hear of your trouble - can't believe it takes so long to transport a pane of glass... :eek:
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